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Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold can be life-threatening. Our certified mold inspectors make sure to go the extra mile for your safety and satisfaction, which is how we earned the reputation of being reliable across Mississippi and LA.

We handle end-to-end mold inspection, testing, and remediation processes for residential and commercial properties. 

If you require a team that takes your life seriously, then contact us. We train our team to meet and exceed the industry standards.

Our Mold Inspection specialists specialize in:

  • Comprehensive mold testing and inspection for residential and commercial properties
  • Providing precise, intuitive, and actionable reports on the environmental conditions
  • Helping clients by educating them on preventative maintenance, instant safety measures, and more.

Mold Remediation

We are licensed, insured, and fully trained to work on nuanced projects. Contact us today to get started on commercial and residential mold remediation with our certified mold remediators. 

Our licensed CMI and CMR experts offer:

  • Complete mold remediation services including the application of enzyme solutions, building moisture barriers, preventing future loss, and visual damage repair.
  • The minimization of property and object damage in the mold removal process. 
  • Proper guidance on future management, maintenance, and care for the damaged areas or environment at hand.

Why Choose Us

  • Our experts are licensed, insured, and fully trained.
  • Our mold mitigation treatment comes with year-long quality assurance, top-of-the-line work ethic, and professionalism.
  • We treat your property like our own; by doing everything necessary to mitigate toxins and pathogens in your environment.

The MOST THOROUGH Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation Company.

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Do you have questions for us? Do you need more details about any of our services? Would you like to find out more about our pricing? Call us today at 985-445-2692 and we’ll help you out. Find out today what we can do for you.

The MoldX ENZYME SOLUTION continues to kill rouge mold spores months after the MoldX technicians have completed the job. 

We know that in the world of mold, one size does not fit all. For this reason, we also offer our INDUSTRIAL SANITIZING SYSTEM. Another proven technique that requires the skill and cares that only our professional technicians can deliver.

It’s just another way MoldX can customize your mold remediation program to address every need.

Because we strive daily to separate ourselves from our competitors, we are driven to restore a lasting, healthy and comfortable environment to your family. We want to prove we care, and in doing so, we have to simply outwork our competition, daily.

Make it your responsibility to question what you are paying for: Please do not let some BOZO run a few air-quality tests and leave without doing a true inspection.

We ARE the Gold Standard


Our Most Popular ENZYME TREATMENT SYSTEM is a NON-DESTRUCTIVE TECHNIQUE that utilizes an all-natural, plant-based enzyme that attaches itself to the mold molecule and renders the mold completely inert. Breaking the mold molecule down to (CO2 and H2O), Carbon Dioxide and water.

This process is Eco-Friendly, 100% effective and completely safe for people, pets, plants and belongings!

ENZYME technology is THE GOLD STANDARD because it is highly-effective, long-lasting and assures your family remains safe from harsh chemical residues, as well as chemicals that linger in the air they breath.

Call us today for a FREE MOLD CONSULTATION, or have one of our Certified Mold Inspectors (C.M.I.) or Certified Mold Remediators (C.M.R.) come out to your home or business, for the MOST THOROUGH MOLD INSPECTION in the industry.

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